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Helpful Web Sites

1031 Exchanges - Can save you money on property exchanges.
Bank Rate - Tips & advice to compare rates, loans, credit cards, & cost of living calculator.
Buyer Representation - Learn more about your agent representing YOU as a BUYER!
Calumet County Tax Query
Craig's List - A place to sell the things you no longer need!
Consumer Home Site - Everything needed to increase, maintain and protect the value of your home.
Coupon Finder - Coupon codes for over 40,000 stores.
Dept. of Housing & Urban Development (HUD)
Do it Yourself! - This site will give you the confidence to take on any project!
Energy Star - tips on saving energy and assessing your energy use.
Environmental Protection Agency - Advice on testing for and mitigating pollutants.
Free Credit Report - Everyone is entitled to one free report each year!
Ginnie Mae - Provides advice on home ownership & affordability.
Home Fair - Various articles & information on ownership, moving, schools, insurance, etc.
Home Inspectors
Hometime TV - Need last minute repairs? Your hot link to home improvement.
Local Weather - Check local weather conditions.
Manitowoc County Tax Query
Mapquest - Online mapping instructions!
Money Converter - Planning to travel? Check out the money conversion rates worldwide.
Moving & Packing Tips - Helpful hints and links.
Music - Listen to your favorite music free via your computer.
Salary and Job - Research information on jobs & salaries by location.
Senior Real Estate News - Great info for those 55 and older!
New Buyer Information
Septic System Information
US Postal Service
WHEDA - First time home buyer loan program.


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